Onboarding is a significant task. It is required to help users learn the elements of tabular programming. At the same time it also an ideal site for ongoing user testing.

The major challenge involved in on-boarding is teaching a host of novel mechanics. For most users it will be their first time encounter a quaternary bilatice. For many it will be there first time using a control table of any kind.

Getting users up to speed on these concepts will require careful consideration.

Importantly, onboarding is not limited to digital environments. There is considerable interest in conducting workshops to begin onboarding users, and to initiate user testing.

It is important that the work done on onboarding can translate across these different applications.

Overcoming Skill Gaps

Initially users will be caught in the middle of a substantial skill gap.

This is ok. Our job is not to make everyone instant experts. the task of onboarding is to set expectations and to provide an environment that helps a user acquire key skills while minimizing dop-off through continued motivation.

Kathy Sierra provides an excellent description of how to accomplish this in her book Badass Making Users Awesome.

Perceptual Learning

Why is Procedural Learning A good path forward

it is oriented towards spatial-visual learning, as well as for learning the logical structures and pattern recognition.

Will help people learn to utilize the logic structure of the quaternary bi-lattice and structured syntactic sentences. It will probably not help people make tough decision on word choice when authoring sentences.


  • It is suited to rapid improvements in both task discovery and fluency.
  • Quickly eliminates the skill gap that presents the most significant barrier to authorship.
  • Modules are effective when presented on digital interfaces.
  • It is biased toward asynchronous learning/learning without an instructor or facilitator.


  • Will require the creation of lots of examples (at least 200).
  • Will require dev time to set up an interface that will be used to capture results

To do

need to think through guide posts, motivation and form of content

18 Sept 2021

Calvin Hutcheon