This is a simple yet flexible identity holds history of the organization, while embodying the core design virtues.

logo lockup

At the same time, as the designer, I claim no monopoly over the identity. The fact that I did not produce a lock up is intentional. The community is encourage to reproduce the mark on their own. Given the simplicity of logo mark, it can be assembled with simple instructions.

Moreover, this can be completed in many mediums. It can be constructed in a digital paint tool. It can be sketched by hand. Or, it can be rendered in ASCII characters

// a constellation among the stars

*                           *         .
        .          . 
      .                                       . 
.                           *

hand sketch

The logo can be reconfigured, to represent working groups within the foundation. changing the sizes of the circles and the way in which the grid is broken, new working groups can be distinguished.

03 June 2021

Calvin Hutcheon